Team Headshots – Everything you need to know about preparing for your shoot.


Wear clothes that are pressed, clean and that make you feel good.  Colours are nice but avoid too many colours and patterns together as it can be distracting.  White shirts on their own can wash you out, under another garment is fine. 


Hair should be clean and styled.  Avoid moisturizers with SPF.  Makeup tends to wash out on camera, I recommend wearing more than you normally would.  Bring anything you may need for touch ups during your session.  Have your teeth brushed and flossed to show off your best smile 🙂

Professional Hair & Makeup

If your team is having professional hair and makeup, it’s ideal to come without makeup on and your hair washed the evening before.

Group Photography

If your team is having group photography it’s ideal to coordinate a colour palette.  I don’t recommend everyone wearing the same colour as this can look “flat”.  Instead, wear colours that work together and compliment each other.

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