Photography Procedures

  • Reference your synced calendar and any emails for: style and creative direction, location, point of contact (POC), schedule, details, etc.  See below calendar notes.
  • Arrive on time or early.  For in studio shoots have lighting set up before client start time
  • Print any schedule or documents you made need
  • Keep to the schedule to the best of your ability, ensure you receive a break as well
  • Try a variety of shots, feel free to add something outside the direction as long as the main direction is met
  • Review images on camera through session to ensure the client/subject is happy (unless specified to have a tablet or laptop)
  • Be professional and friendly, dress business casual
  • Complete shoot notes document HERE within 24 hrs
  • Send a copy of any schedule details (names, order of subjects, etc) to Andrea via email
  • Deliver proofs to Andrea (via we transfer or google drive) unless specified to send directly to client
  • Proofs are sent within 4 days
  • Proofs are edited (not retouched) and should be presentable to clients.  Following edits applied:
    • Image culling, remove testing, things that didn’t work, blinks, etc
    • Ensure exposures are accurate and consistent across images
    • Balance colours and colour correction
    • Light contrast added where necessary, use your discretion 
    • Light clarity (3 for portraits, 5-7 for scenes/interiors)
    • Output sharpening for screen standard
  • Proofs should fit the following specs:
    • Size: 800×1200 pixels @ 100 dpi
    • Colour: sRGB
    • File name: Job initials and file number (eg: JOB-5437.jpg)
    • If delivering to the client directly apply the watermark provided HERE with the setting shown on the screen shot
  • High res, jpegs (edited, not retouched) should fit the following specs:
    • Size: 8×12″ @ 300 dpi
    • Colour: sRGB
    • File name: Job initials, file number and “print” (eg: JOB-5437print.jpg)
  • Final images are delivered to Andrea either retouched or not retouched in full resolution tiff @ 300dpi in sRGB.
  • All images (after culling) are backed up by the photographer and stored for 2 years
  • What you will find in your calendar:
    • POC (point of contact), shoot notes, creative direction/style, sample images, camera settings if applicable, equipment notes, schedule, location, special direction (quick turn around, highlight xyz, etc), what to deliver in terms of proofs/high res jpegs/retouched images, paper work required.
  • Full res retouched images should fit the following specs:
    • Sizes: full res @ 300 dpi, web res 8×12″ @ 100dpi, LinkedIn res @ 5″x5″ @ 100dpi
    • File names: Job initials, file number and “print”, “web” or “LinkedIn” respectively (eg: JOB-5437print.jpg, JOB-5347web.jpg, JOB-5347LinkedIn.jpg)
  • Studio: Please upload to Pixieset with your sign in information.  Upload proofs with the watermark provided.

Location Rates

  • minimum 2 hours
  • some equipment may be required
  • travel within Toronto included
Shoot – No Editing
  • minimum 2 hours
  • all images delivered as raw directly to Andrea
  • travel within Toronto included
Shoot – Image Production
  • minimum 2 hours
  • all images edited, not retouched, delivered as high res and/or web res 
  • travel within Toronto included
  • retouching images

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